Bangin Beef in West Sussex

Bangin Beef are proud Biltong and Beef Jerky producers based in the heart of Sussex. They began during the coronavirus lockdown and since then, producers Tony and Caroline have been creating Sussex biltong and beef jerky with state-of-the-art dehydrators and some outside-of-the-box experimentation with exotic flavours.

Specialising in artisanal jerky, their products are testament to Bangin Beef’s commitment to quality, made from locally-sourced beef and crafted with precision to deliver a flavourful and satisfying snack. This includes ‘Jamaican Jerk’, ‘Korean BBQ’, ‘Mango Spice’ and much more, hand cut and prepared to the highest standard. They hand cut and marinate their jerky a minimum of 24 hours prior to slow drying, making it unique in texture and flavour. With a range of flavours from mild to hot, customers love the variety.

Bangin Beef also produces their signature ‘Bites’ which they slow dry. Flavours include chilli, garlic and Salt & Pepper which they season to perfection, perfect for snacking on the go. Other tasty highlights include their Pork Scratchings and Droewors, bringing a Sussex twist to the dried beef and snack market.

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