Butterbox Farm in Haywards Heath

Butterbox Farm specialises in producing delicious, grass-fed, Sussex rare-breed beef and lamb with an emphasis on animal welfare, which benefits both customer tastebuds and the environment. Their beef comes from their pedigree herd of Dexter cattle, grazing on their natural pastures and home-produced hay and grass silage in the winter barn since 1978.

Butterbox Beef and lamb boasts five-star reviews from their range of delicious, rare breed Dexter beef and lamb and free-range woodland pork, offering a range of box sizes containing a variety of meat cuts from mince to steaks to lamb koftes and much more. Seasonal options are available such as their summer BBQ, available from June to August.

From succulent grass-fed beef to tender lamb and even flavourful pork from their new Woodland Pig Project, all sourced from their own pastures. Each piece is a testament to the farm’s commitment to sustainable and humane farming practices and theres much variety.

Source the huge variety of beef, lamb and pork options Butterbox Farm has to offer for any occasion at https://butterboxfarm.co.uk/index.html and get in touch to arrange a visit to the farm to see how the meat is ethically produced at Butterbox Farm near Haywards Heath.