Chef’s Farms in Storrington

From field to fork, Chef’s Farms specialises in producing fresh Sussex local food for a wide range of markets, from home deliveries to high end restaurants, making a commitment to sustainable farming and packaging free produce to reduce the carbon footprint of quality food.

Chef’s Farms’ sustainable mission is executed through their harvesting and delivering process; harvesting and bunching all of their crops by hand meticulously to make sure they have picked every last vegetable from the crop. Vegetables are washed and collected straight from the field to be picked and delivered within 24 hours to their customers, meaning chefs and customers get the freshest possible Sussex produce all in one delivery.

Chef’s Farms has a beautiful selection of produce that they harvest and deliver daily, across London and the southeast. They work with the best of local growers and aim to give each and every shop and kitchen the ability to have easy access to locally grown, high quality fresh produce. From size graded strawberries to bespoke grown leeks, they aim to offer clients the very best service and product possible.

To access these quality, sussex local veggies and a huge variety of other seasonal options, source them and place an order at for on-shelf and in-kitchen goodness.