Curing Rebels in Brighton

Curing Rebels are a small artisan cured meats producer based in the heart of Brighton, specialising in making all things cured, fermented and smoked. They use high welfare, ethically farmed produce from small, independent, owner-operated suppliers, appreciating the abundance of Sussex since 2020.

Curing Rebels specially rear and allow their pigs to roam freely at the foot of the South Downs, resulting in high quality charcuterie with an abundance of fat, intensifying the flavours across their variety of cured meats. Some highlights of their collection include their ‘Brighton Salami’ influenced by Italian sausage, richly scented with fennel and fragrant Tellicherry black peppercorns, and their ‘Rebel Coppa – Sliced’ cured with ginger, seaweed, wild mushroom and umami rich Sake. They don’t just stop here, producing chorizo, beer sticks and Nduja too.

They also produce ethical and delicious smoked salmon. Their salmon from the oldest independent farm in the rugged northwest of Scotland. Hand reared and free from growth promoters and antibiotics with room to grow, which makes all the difference to the taste, and it’s smoked in Brighton!

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