Fruitology in West Sussex

Fruitology, conceived in 2020 and recently excitingly relaunched, creates delicious fruit infusions to enhance and transform any spirit into a harmonious blend of Sussex fruity flavours with a medley of vibrant and colourful fruits and herbs.

Central to Fruitology’s offerings is their ‘Berry Blast’ fruit infusion, offering a pleasant combination of tart cranberries and sweet raspberries, ‘Blackcurrant Burst’ infusion, offering a vibrant and refreshing mix of tart blackcurrants and crisp apples, and also their ‘Strawberry Cooler’ blending juicy raspberries and zingy mint leaves, all ready to infuse your favourite alcoholic beverage. These unique blends showcase the diverse flavours thriving in the region, capturing the essence of Sussex’s fertile landscapes.

Another signature product is their bestselling, seasonal ‘Winter Spice’ fruit infusion characterised by its spicy sweet notes of cherries, apples, plums and cinnamon, capturing the essence of the winter season and making it a versatile addition to winter-themed drinks and a comforting beverage during the colder months.

Shop and source these delicious fruit infusions at for their signature Sussex fruity blends and check out their events, pop ups and stockists at to buy some infusions in person, all around Sussex.