Springs Smokeries in Edburton

Springs Smokeries, established in 1964 in Edburton by the Harris family, is still a family business committed to the true traditional methods of smoking their products, keeping traditions alive whilst moving with the times, remaining in Edburton to this day. Springs is working hard to make their shop and process as sustainable as possible, using the most responsible of partners, from salmon farms to local producers. Sometimes some of the products they sell do come from further away, but they only use local business to supply them, minimising the travel. Even the energy they use in their shop is sourced from renewable sources.

Hand filleting every side, curing far longer with just salt, and hang smoking in their brick kilns for over 24hrs using only whole oak logs, the resulting salmon is delicious. Springs doesn’t just stop there, smoking Cod Roe, mackerel, haddock, kippers, trout, cheeses, duck and chickens too and even selling their secret recipe sauces. Plenty of smoked products for any occasion.

Their Edburton shop, open 9:30am – 4pm Monday – Thursday, is the place to source Springs Smokeries’ fabulous, traditional smoked goods and you can book a tour with head smoker and manager Nick Hook to see behind the scenes on their special process. Visit their shop and smokery at Springs Smokeries, Edburton Road, Edburton, Henfield, BN5 9LN, and check out their online store at: https://www.springssmokedsalmon.co.uk/shop/

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