Help Sussex Buy Local Campaign Launched

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A campaign to Help Sussex Buy Local was launched today to help people find independent shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants which serve and sell food and drink produced in the county at

Organisers are urging people to support Sussex businesses to protect our local community and the environment and also because it will make us happier.

It is well known that positive social interactions are proven to boost your mood[i], but did you know that shopping locally also affects your happiness? Whether you pop into the local bakers for your freshly baked bread, nip into the greengrocer for your weekly fruit and veg, or visit the butchers for a joint, new research published[ii] has proven that each of these interactions helps not only to boost the local economy but it goes a long way towards increasing your feeling of happiness and belonging.

Happiness is something we could all use more of and with this in mind, we have created an easy to use map and online directory to find local places to buy and enjoy Sussex food and drink, with support from South East Local Enterprise (SELEP).

Said Hilary Knight, co-director of Natural Partnerships CIC, organisers of the Help Sussex Buy Local Campaign, who also manage Sussex Food & Drink, said, “Over the past few months, we’ve seen an enormous increase in local shopping but now we must sustain this change to ensure this becomes our future habit. For this to happen, it’s got to matter, it’s got to be personal and relevant to every shopper and what could be more relevant than our own happiness and that of our local community?”

The campaign will roll out seasonal news, promotions and competitions, to encourage people to try out local food and drink, discover how easy it is to find great local produce and also to buy it online.

This is part of a regional campaign Buy Local South East promoting the local food and drink offer in Essex, Kent and Sussex, supported by South East Local Enterprise Partnership.